25 February 2009

The Wave

Are Australians excessive wavers? I don't know. I love the wave and participate in the excessive waving with much gusto. Makes me happy and have even enlisted the dog. Jessie, our Jack Russell, loves a wave and always brings a smile to the kiddies faces when it's time for goodbyes. The older people, I'm sure, think we're nuts, but that little doggy does a cute two pawed wave like no other.

My eldest sister once owned an EH Holden (classic old Australian car) and a Kombi van and driving these cars required the two-fingered wave. When driving the Kombi/EH and passing another Kombi/EH owner, index and middle finger were raised from the steering wheel, acknowledging each other's coolness factor or sympathy depending on repairs and rust said car had. The slightest head nod was also thrown in, very discreet and completely hilarious.


katiecrackernuts said...

Oh yes, I'm a country lass and the steering wheel wave (as it's officially known ;)) is a salute to every car you pass on some drives. It's like "hey, you're out here too".
Do show us the paper dolls. Would love to see them. I have an ERTE designs paper doll book which I adore - could never cut it up. I never see paper doll books anymore. They were a regular at newsagents when I was a kid. Mum would go in for Family Circle or whatever she bought and I'd head straight for the paper dolls in their cute '70s get up (even in the '80s and '90s).
A happy, belated birthday for Sunday. I hope you're still enjoying some birthday glow.

mizu designs said...

I'm rather fond of the old blokes in the country who wave and then raise their hats while driving past. So cute!

kitty stitch said...

hi Diana, have awarded you with fabulous blog award! thanks for being a great blog.

Amy C said...

I am trying to picture a waving Jack Russel - totally cute.
You always have the funniest stories - I loved the Verruca Salt one you just left on my blog, that is exactly what my sister did, she had really long hair and my Mum had to cut out some big chunks!

Veronica Darling... said...

ARGH, I've given you a fab blog award too! Deets in my recent post! You're fab!

shea said...

This just made me laugh so much. Ah I love a good wave to. I tend do a bit of two finger off the steering wheel recognition wave to people I know where we live. I get a little cross though by the non-wavers out there.