02 August 2009

Winter Colour Fun and The Olive Tree Market

'Girly Balloons' 2009 Diana Jones

'Flying Bed Girl' 2009 Diana Jones

'Swing a Little' 2009 Diana Jones

Another month, another Olive Tree market. It seems to come around so quickly. For this wintry month I cranked out some cute and super colourful collages to lift the spirits of my fellow Novacastrians. Was absolutely freezing and after coming back from the snow only the previous day, you'd think I could hack the north coast Winter. But nay, am big cold frog wuss. After jumping and jiggling up and down for a few hours (I'm sure to the amusement of customers) it slowly warmed up and I had a great day with my fellow carnie peeps. But now I think the snot has set in for the week, those are the breaks I'm afraid. And for some more colour fun - my eldest sister snapped a pic of me, miss six and my younger sister at the BusDepot Markets in Canberra. Looking particularly colourful, we were browsing the most amazing stall. The lady made elaborate leather slippers with all different scenes and designs - amazing. The coat miss six is sporting I made for her a couple of months ago. I sort of stole this project from my elder sister as it was driving me nuts that she started the project and just left it sitting there in my sewing room. The queen of procrastination that I am I had to finish this project before I could move onto my other projects. It is a beautiful swing coat, lined in hot pink silk for that swishy, swishy feel the kids love.


ada sunday said...

I missed the markets as well!! Oh well, will have to be satisfied to just visit. I love the girl swinging in the tree!

Snippety Gibbet said...

That's an awesome jacket. I could picture you having designed that one.