28 September 2009

Colour Explosion

Wooden and fabric horse badges that will be attached to frilly dresses, hats and such.
Cute patchy cushion covers with my new 'follow the leader' print scattered through. Finally cut into the beautiful Heather Ross fabric, twas hard, but I did it!!!
I love this print sooo much. It is a Heather Bailey print called 'pineapple brocade'. I think I'll probably keep this hat, tis lovely!
Here is the angel wing frilly dresses I've been whipping up lately. I made up the pattern and have tweaked it quite a few times.

Lately, I just can't get enough colour. Here's some of the colourful bits and bobs I've been working on. Is there such thing as too much colour? I think I'm going through a maximalist as opposed to a minimalist stage. Argh, Is it hurting your eyes yet?


Amy C said...

you are unstoppable, those frilly angel wing dresses are so adorable, you made up the pattern!?!? - super talented YOU.
As for too much color - NEVER, I LOVE color too, I can't get enough of it!
(but you probably knew that, esp the clashy colors)

Mel said...

I shall have my cash ready on Saturday.
Loving the hungry catterpiller hats and super cute badges.
See you then,

Miranda said...

Hey Di,

I loooove my horsey brooch and wore it all weekend and have had lots of comments on it!

Michelle said...

Oh you have been very busy...
I love these brooches and adore the cushions...
and fairy dresses are just the cutest
I don't blame you wanting to keep the hat, it would be great for summer...

mummalu said...

I think I will have to get me one of those gorgeous dresses for my DD! I can't wait for the next market, my little E needs a new summer hat and I am hanging to get one of your ones!

messyfish said...

your designing talent is amazing, and the sewing it all together too? unbelievable. I hope you have a successful market!