17 November 2009

November Happenings

A quickie cake, if you can believe it, for the family function for Miss Seven's birthday. My sister and I did a collaborative effort on this one. The birthday was well and truly stretched for maximum party fun. This cake was constructed from a bought block cake and jam rollettes, hmmm, weird, but yummy.
Miss G's quilt is finished. Needs an iron and the pic is a tad crap, but hey crafters photographing a quilt is hard.Some lovely press from the lovely Julia from rudy and the dodo. As I am a tad slack on the marketing front, Julia's marketing skills and getting my stuff out there is much appreciated.
Have you been to ikea recently? They have the cutest fabrics and am just loving them. This hat is made with the pink and green fabric that has foxes, squirrels and deers. So damn cute!
Talking of fabulous materials. Newcastle has finally got some decent fabrics coming out of a little shop up the road from me in Hamilton. Sew City has been taken over by a lovely lady called Sharon and she is getting all the best fabrics in. Amy Butler, Michael Miller and Saffron Craig are just a few. I have been travelling far and wide for decent fabrics so hopefully I'll be able to get my fabrics a bit closer to home from now on. Sharon is even hosting the Amy Butler Trunk show from Monday 23rd November to Saturday 3rd of December. A select range of Amy Butler patterns and prints will be made into gorgeous items. Then she has a special night on Wednesday the 25th of November from 5.30 to 7.30 to celebrate the trunk show and her new ownership. So all you Novacastrians out there show Sharon some support and get along, she's also offering 10% off all fabrics and patterns on the night with lucky door prizes and giveaways.


Katy said...

close up pics of the quilt purlease!!!!! It looks gorgeous - I must see it up close, must must must!!!

My miss G had a cake very similar to that one for her birthday one year, and the jam roly bits were the first bits to get scoffed up!!!

kitty stitch said...

Love the quilt well done. Have been out of blogland for ages, love the idea of your title..november happenings, hmm, gives you the chance of a monthly summary instead of daily! Have a good rest of november.x

Snippety Gibbet said...

That cake was a quickie? That baker is quite the talent. jan