16 December 2009

Market Roundup

Here are my Christmas Tree Softie decorations which went gang busters at the market. I did the prawn softies last year for my tree and thought other people might appreciate a bit of prawn action and I wasn't wrong. The Joy to the Thong (flip/flops I think in the UK and US) proved very popular as well. The Joy to the Thong also doubled as my Christmas card this year. Thongs are big time here in Summer so a Christmas tree of thongs, I'm sure, many Aussies would appreciate at this time of year. Me, I can't wear the thong they just don't stay on my feet. They just sort of flop sideways and an unbearable pain develops between my big toes, so I've given up on the thong even though one of my friends has even offered to jimmy up the thong with velcro. Sounds a bit ouchy so I'll leave the thongs to my mates to flip flop around in.

Markets have been stealing my blogtime. I did the Laman Street Art Bazaar, for the first time, which was really great and also did the Olive Tree twilight market. I got to do a bit of shopping and found a fellow novacastrian who is very funny and has some very cool Newcastle souvenir stuff. Check out Trevor's website here. I'd like to thank all my loyal and lovely customers and my fellow carnie peeps. Markets are a hard slog, but when there are such lovely customers and market friends who really support you throughout the year it is all worthwhile. So Merry Christmas guys and I'll see you in the new year with new stuff I'm already cooking up in my weary market brain. Now it's time for Christmas fun.......
Note: Comments have to be moderated at the moment. I've been targeted as a person very interested in escort agencies and viagra, cause you know craft and smut are such a great match, great marketing on their part, I know! Sorry for those people whose comments have been slow to appear. Thanks everyone for all your comments I really appreciate your support and lovely comments.


Sarah Ryan said...

I travelled 9 hours from my little country town in western NSW to visit some Newcastle mates, and they took me to the Olive Tree markets...recognised your sign from yr blog and was delightd at all your clever wares! I lack creative stimulation out here, crafty arties are few and far between...thanks for giving me a good dose of "ooh, gotta get home and make something!!!"

Diana said...

Thanks Sarah. Your comment made me smile. I hope I inpired some lovely crafty sessions out in the west. sAy hi next time your in town. I've got some crafty adventures under my belt for this year so stay tuned. Di x