16 December 2009

Some Cute Things

Here are some new dolls I've been working on. The top one is Barry and the bottom one is his mate Pepe. They're funny and cute and ever so stylish. I had a smile on my face the whole time whilst making these cool dudes. They rock the Amy Butler print on their shirts don't you think?
Now I've got to make a girl to go with these guys because they are such chick magnets and at the moment are chickless. Stay tuned....
Here is a super cute fabric that I bought at Spotlight. Spotlight is usually a dead loss when it comes to cute prints, but voila here is proof that once in a while they have the goods! I love it and it is the most lovely voile and very breezy and cool.

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The Teal Sea said...

I am nodding in agreement about Spotlight, what is that? the buyers need feedback I say.