12 September 2010

Wedding Part 1 - The Cake

The wedding preps for my younger sister have been going for a few weeks now. The baker -my other sister - knocked out this most spectacular cake this weekend. A trial for the upcoming wedding. It is her first wedding cake ever and also her first go at that tricky fondant. It took her two days and much coffee to bake and mix and roll all required ingredients. I think she used about 3 kilos of white chocolate to 'dirty ice' the cakes to give them structure to prepare them for the fondant. She also used 2 litres of cream, 1.5kg fondant, 26 eggs, 300grams of butter (I know basically low-fat) and almost a kilo of almond meal, 1.5kg of sugar and about 500grams of flour. And a couple of other bits and bobs. The bottom tier of the cake is a two layer pink coconut cake with layers of white chocolate ganache. The second tier is a five layer super moist whole orange, almond cake with white chocolate ganache and the top layer is a three layer butter cake with a dark chocolate ganache. My contribution were the frilly layers surrounding the cakes. After many disastrous attempts at creating a frill with sculpting icing, what does any modern gal do, I hit youtube and found a step by step using a cookie cutter and a toothpick. Et voila!!! My sister found the cutest wedding topper, but that hasn't arrived yet at wedding central, so stay tuned.


designed to a T said...

Looks absolutely beautiful. What a creative family you have. And what cakes, they all sound sooo yummy. A bit for eveyone's tastes...Terese

sammy said...

Absolutely spectacular girls. Neet you are far too clever! I can't wait to taste it!

One little point jumped put at me. You mentioned a 'few weeks' of prep. You're delusional girly girls. My recollection definitely has it at 'many many months'. The countdown's on though. Yipee! Kisses, Sam.

Mel @ Skye Rocket Sews said...

A,you are truly amazing!!!!
all of those flavours sound awesome!
I was half watching some tacky wedding show last night and one woman to save money didn't have dessert at the reception had a sponge cake filled with Jam and cream(tacky baker' mock cream).Ewwwhhhhh!!!!
Di,good work on the frills and being support person.
See you next market,