17 September 2010

Spring Skirts

A little miss I know celebrated her first birthday recently. I whipped up this skirt and bought these cutie patootie shoes to go with it. I've rejigged this skirt for market and have positioned the pockets at the side rather than front. In wedding news, the future brother-in-law and I have been building, building, building. Many pics to come.

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spectacularfairywren said...

gorgeous - III would like to wear that skirt. WIsh it was my birthday soon!

Thanks so much for the teatowel that arrived this week. Rich was pretty delighted, he asked me if it was a not so subtle hint and then demanded to know where Dudley was!!

Love it - it wrapped some pumpkin scones this morning (see mine).

And thanks for the v sweet cards included. Really appreciate your loveliness!