04 October 2010

More Scoop Bags

Here are some scoop bags I've been making lately. I love them. I haven't decided what patchy combo to make for myself. Lots of people turned up for The Olive Tree Market this weekend, despite it raining from 11am through to 2pm and being a long weekend. Thank you everyone who showed up to support the handmade loveliness on offer.

I was discussing with one of my crafty mates how lovely it is when people tell you the stories behind items they have purchased off us. Some of the stories are funny, sad, happy, but always heartwarming stories about how much they love our stuff. Although it feels like I'm chained to the sewing machine and print table it is the joy that my items bring to people that makes my crazy crafting all worthwhile. My most special story is of a woman who bought her daughter a handmade doll from me. When she visited her grandma, who had dementia, her daughter took the doll with her. Her grandma loved the doll so much the woman came back the next month to buy her a doll. She told me her grandmother was a seamstress when she was young and she just loved the heavily patterned doll and cradled the doll like it was a child. It gave the woman alot of comfort knowing her grandma treasured and loved the doll.


designed to a T said...

These are great Di. Love the mix of colours with the black...very striking.

I had every intention of coming up this weekend to pay a visit to the markets. Unfortunately a friend passed away through the week and they had his funeral on Saturday. The rain wouldn't have stopped me coming. Next time...Terese

Anonymous said...

I bought one these bags and Di adapted it to suit my travel needs. I planned to save it until I left in January but have used it evry day so far. I love it!!