28 September 2010

Suburban Dreams

Suburban Dreams 2010 D. Jones
I must admit I'm equally fascinated and horrified by suburbia. I grew up on a couple of acres with goats, chooks, ducks, dogs, cats, horses and lots of siblings. We had room to move, but it was quite isolated in terms of things to do when you became a teenager. Hence, as soon as you turned 13, you called it a 'hole'. The 'hole' was hard to get out of as there was limited transport and limited community facilities which included; a petrol station, tennis court and a chip shop. Only recently 'the hole' acquired their first public toilet. My parents rang me to inform me of the 'hole's' progress and reminded me to drop in when I visited next. Hmmm, pretty sure 'Getaway' (Travel Show) won't be visiting anytime soon. They also got their first supermarket recently and it truly is a sight to be seen. Lit up in the middle of the night by fluorescent lighting, it looks like a ufo landing as it is completely surrounded by bush. Naturally the supermarket/landmark/attraction is the main topic of conversation in the town. The prices of 'the ufo supermarket products' compared to the mainland supermarket products are scrutinised in an uneasy obsessive fashion for bargains and ripoffs. My dad can spin a tale regarding the price differences of beans per 100grams for at least half an hour. See both fascinating and horrifying.

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