28 February 2011

France part 2

We had so many adventures in France, including getting lost 150km south of where we were supposed to go. We arrived on the TGV in a little town called Redon at 11.30pm and it was snowing. The TGV had split and we were not on the half that went to our intended destination.
Dramas, dramas! We ended up staying at a lovely guy called Nils's house. Thanks Nils. We stayed primarily in Brittany, which was such a magical region of France. It was snowing like crazy when we arrived, which is quite unusual for the region. The fog that constantly lingered was amazingly moody. I can imagine it is a great place to write. In crafty news: Can't wait to finally finish my finger puppet theatres. I think it's only another couple of days. So stay tuned. They will make their debut at this weekend's Olive Tree Market.

1 comment:

Mel said...

Finger puppet theatres!!!AWESOME!!!
I can't wait to hear all of the frenchy tales and I have news!
See you Saturday.xx