02 March 2011


Miss 8 and her cousins at their house in Brittany. Christmas markets in Rennes, Brittany. Whole lot of cheese and bread.
Combourg Castle.
Brittany was so beautiful. It doesn't often snow there so we were really lucky to experience a snowy Brittany. In the middle of the town we stayed at, Combourg, they had a castle. The countess of the castle divides her time between Paris and her castle in Combourg. Ahhh to be a countess of the castle. The castle was super creepy though and is apparently haunted with ghosts.


Chaos, Kids, Crochet and Cake said...

What beautiful pictures!
We spent 2 weeks in Brittany the year before we emigrated Down Under. My daughter, then 3, LOVED the markets at Rennes! She now loves the Olive Tree markets and she looked gorgeous in her dress we bought from you before the summer.
Sandra (Neri's friend from Scotland!)
PS I love my little Bag-Piper!

Diana said...

Thanks Sandra. Glad you like your little piper. He is one of my favourite designs.

le forestier said...

Your comments are very funny Di and I love your photos too...
Gros bisous printanniers.