13 June 2012

Summer in the city - our date with the Don at Trump Soho

Hard to capture how beautiful our little changing room was when we are such piggy wiggys. There were two showers with a million different settings and about nine shower heads. You could choose what colour light projected from the top shower head, I chose pink, got over that then I chose yellow. I picked music to be played and a pulsating shower spray, then I changed it to a wave spray. I told you, a million options.

Television in mirror.

After getting soaked in Central Park it was time for our date with the Don at Trump Soho for massages and facials. Instructed to get there earlier than our appointment, so we had time to relax and soak up the Don goodness, I had to sweet talk an off duty cab driver in the pouring rain to get to Trump Soho with just enough time to have a sauna and a quick shower. Just a sneaky note - Mrs W and I were soaked for the second time and took our clothes into the sauna for a quick drying session - worked a treat. Having never had a massage, it was divine. Hanging out, after the massage, in the relaxation room with the girls and snoozing, we made our way to the steam room then back to the fancy changing room. Ummm, to our surprise it was five hours later before we departed with complimentary champers in hand. What a day! Oh, I think I saw the girl out of scrubs coming out of the spa when we were going in, the blonde one who plays the Elliot character. Spotto!

The toilet at Trump Soho. Ewwwwwwwww! Wand cleaning?????? Abracadabra clean butt!

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