13 June 2012

Summer in the city - Central park and a couple of tourists

After trying out our transport options, in Greenwich Village for our day in Central Park, we rode like demons up the Hudson river park bike path. Don't worry I used my helmet most of the time Neat!

Living the dream.

My namesake park.

Bethesda fountain, featured in numerous films. Far too many to mention.

It actually poured rain as soon as we hit Central Park, but it didn't dampen our spirits it was so pretty. We succumbed to some tourist action though, see below.

Look at those pretty birds straight off the bus from Kurri. Don't you just want to pet them? We could have at least taken the helmets off, but no in fact the helmets had to be worn to keep the whole engineered ensemble together. Thank you kind strangers for taking such a pretty shot of two very pretty birds.

The boathouse looked like a lovely place to sip champagne on a breezy summer's day, this was not the day. Mrs W and I had a great day even if Mrs W's basket kept popping off at the most inconvenient moments, such as on the way home, pouring rain and riding shot gun with the traffic, hit a bump and ping, "Where's my basket, oh over in the gutter". Poor Mrs W, what a challenging day!


Jeanette said...

Loving the hot chicks, nothing quite like an emergency poncho. Great blog in NYC, have you had that hot beef roll yet?
How are the dawgs?

Diana said...

Thanks Netty, we are rockin those ponchos like nothing else. We have been so busy but Katz beef rolls on the list today, prepare yourself for some meaty photos. Nearly had a dawg yesterday but the vendors dawgs looked dodger than usual, it is still on the list.