12 June 2012

Summer in the city - Our friend Eddie

Did you know Harry Potter, aka Daniel Radcliffe, lives here oh and it just so happens that we do too! Mrs W and I struck up a conversation with Eddie from the shoe department who gushed over how great it is in the Village. After telling Eddie we were staying in the village we worked out he lives next door to us. Loving this coincidence, and hey brother we're practically related, Eddie tells us a quick synopsis of his life's achievements thus far. Eddie was a personal trainer for Sting, David Bowie and Brad Pitt (for fight club) and stayed with Bowie in Mustique for a couple of weeks. He also bought his apartment for a steal a couple of years ago when apartments around here were going for $2.1 million for $187,000. Mafia related? Who knows, but Eddie's onto a winner! Found out later from the doorman more gossip about these apartments. The daughter of the people who own The Plaza lives here. Feeling rather smug about nabbing this apartment, Mrs W and I are revelling in the reflected glow.

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