13 June 2012

Summer in the city - Broadway

Times square. A little sweaty, a little stinky and enough flashing neon to burn the retinas clear out of your head. Had a strange, funky, almost horse poo smell.

The grandstand, where you can sit and really take in all the action such as old mate in the next pic. Note second pic where he has sucked in his stomach so much it is concave. Am I being picky when I say "Get your gear off you wuss - false advertising". I think he had a ladies bum. What do you think?

Mrs W and Miss L kindly lined up in the TKTS booth, on the corner of 47th and Broadway, for the cheap skate tickets to a broadway show. The Mrs and I hotfooted it to the Ambassador Theatre and saw Chicago. We were quite surprised how small the theatre was. There were only 15 rows at the bottom, didn't see how many were up top. We got great tickets. The show was great. Miss L ventured off to see, none other than, Wicki Martin in Evita. She said it was fantastic and even lined up between the stage door and his limo for a bit of stalking action.

Was impressed with how much food and beverage people were chowing down on throughout the show. Quite a different experience from Australia where food in theatres are a no-no! See that guy in this pic, he is hawking drinks and other sweeties. The five ladies sitting next to us had bought out the m&m store in times square. Bags full of m&m's the size of a baby's head were passed around. All had bags galore stuffed at their feet and just so happens at mine as well.

Let the jazz hands begin!

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