01 July 2012

Summer in the city - NYC Library 5th ave

The New York City library is one of the most beautiful buildings I've been to in my life. There are so many different rooms and each more exquisite than the other. The chandeliers were amazing and interestingly most of the ceilings look like oak, but are in fact plaster. See above ninth pic down, plaster ceiling. I took the 1 hour free tour which I would recommend as they take you back to see the stacks. If you require a particular book, it takes 15 minutes to retrieve it from the stacks. The stacks look like something out of Harry Potter. How amazing are the cloud paintings on the ceilings? Love! My favourite room was the map room.

And lookie what I found in the children's section of the library. Christopher Robin's toys. Winnie-the-Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, Eeyore and Kanga. Winnie was a Harrod's bear and he was given to Christopher on his first birthday. They were brought to the US in 1947 and remained with the American publisher until they were donated to the library in 1987.

There are few more posts to go on New York even though Mrs W and I have been back a full week. It was a bit of a shock coming home to 10 degrees, only a 30 degree drop, crazy people crazy!

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