14 June 2008

I love Nu Yrk

I'm sick of the crappy, rainy weather. And there's nothing to do, except for crafting of course, and going broke tending to my sickly cat. I live near the beach which is great in Summer, but everything pretty much ceases in Winter. So lately I've been blog-surfing like a crazy woman. Through this blog-surfing I am currently living vicariously through mizudesigns who is holidaying in New York. I am so filthy jealous. Go check out lovely New York through her eyes. Also check out her lovely shop she shares my printing and pattern obsession. So here is a happenin' New York pipsqueak showing off her lovely brownstone dollhouse on the upper east side in New York.

1 comment:

mizu designs said...

i love your new york doll house and the palm springs number! oh and i'm flattered that you think my ny trip is interesting enough to mention. i am having a lovely time but in my defense i must say it's good because my last holiday was in thailand during the tsunami of late 2004. this one is working out a lot better (except for the insanely nasty owner of the local laundromat this morning).