27 February 2008

Melbourne's Back Alleys

I took so many pics of Melbourne. Just wanted to feature a few more. I love the back alleys of Melbourne. I love the seediness of it all, but couldn't stand the smoking. Does everyone in Melbourne smoke? I was surrounded by a cloud of ciggy smoke everywhere I went. I thought this girl sitting in this filthy little alcove was hilarious. She was all dressed up in her bejewels and with designer bag and sitting on a grubby step surrounded by graffiti and smoking, tres chic!!!!

25 February 2008

Spreading the Melbourne Love

Wow, Melbourne put on a heatwave for me, 34-35 degrees most of the days I was down there. So many things to do in Melbourne. Tropfest and the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra was a treat and all free, yay! Melbourne has the best signs, here are just a few of my pics. Went to the rooftop markets in Curtin House, great location and the bar looked great although couldn't stay for long as I was experiencing a bit of vertigo and had to get down toot-sweet. I thought I'd arrived at the top in the lift, but then you have to scale a few more stairs. The stairs are attached precariously to the outside of the building. I just kept telling myself 'look up, don't look down' and I swear I felt those bloody steps moving. Some half-cut carpenter I'm sure just jimmied those stairs at the last minute.

Sadly my favourite ice-cream shop, Charmaines, which had award-winning passionfruit ice-cream has closed down. I traipsed around town and beyond looking for just one outlet still to be open to no avail. Boo-hoo, so I had to try the shop that has replaced Charmaines, Trampoline, and it is damn fine! (I'm such a fickle consumer - try the berry with pavlova chunks-yum)

12 February 2008

Coffee Table

A coffee table I'm working on. Made it ages ago with balsa wood and I'm still tweaking the design. I'm a magazine addict so I'm trying to design a table to accommodate mags and art books. I'm thinking about a button studded grey wool ottoman to fit into the empty side. I need the table kid friendly so I was thinking the ottoman could work as a chair for the kiddies to sit at the table and do their crafts.

10 February 2008


First pic is my paper folded lampshade.This lamp is made up of translucent paper circles folded into triangles and glued onto handmade paper. When the lamp is switched on it creates a lovely pattern of all the joins and folds.

Second pic is my bamboo lampshade made from old bamboo steamers. I wedged in polypropylene between the steamers and gives off a lovely low light.
I love lampshades. The house I used to live in last year had beautiful white walls and drop pendant lighting in each room. I was able to go to town making lovely paper and timber lampshades in each room. When I moved last year I sadly moved into a house with downlighting. What are people thinking, they are such bloody eyesores.

07 February 2008

Custom Cush

I made this cushion for my sister for Christmas. She is in love with my dog Jessie and insists on dressing her up in all different outfits. I made one for my couch as well because it's too silly and cute. I'm selling these custom cushions in my shop at www.sketch.madeit.com.au

Here is Jessie dressed up in her mermaid outfit (a-la The Little Mermaid). The top has a colourful frill with a silky pink ribbon and the mermaid tail wiggles as she walks. She gets very tired with all the dress-ups she plays.

06 February 2008

Start Me Up!

Launceston, Tasmania airport detail. Loved the airport, very Cary Grant 60's North by Northwest feel.

Oh my god it's already February and I need to get started with filling my etsy shop with stuff. Procrastination and foxtel (cable tv) have got me on a tight schedule. So much for my 30 days of the everyday this has obviously now been pushed back till March. I've got one more bargain basement holiday to Melbourne to go on in mid February then it's on with business. Got one of those $10 tiger airways flights. Hope I don't have to sit on a milk crate and get the chequered bum thang happenin'. Can't wait to check out 'Meet Me at Mike's' and the rooftop markets. Things to do this month 1.Must stop living off the credit card and actually make some money and 2. Stop watching so much Bridezillas (great trashy tv), Girls of the Playboy Mansion (are these girls serious) and Ladette to Lady (Classic).
Another baby boy born 30th January, count for past 4 months. 2-boys, 1-girl, 1-pregnancy.
Well done ladies and gentlemen.

01 February 2008

Cool 70's Placemats

I love, loved these placemats. Classic 70's and oh so cute. I used mine most nights for dinner and loved setting the table with these. Mine is long gone, but my sister-in-law, the horder, still has hers in mint condition, so I took a photo, spruced it up a bit and am going to get it laminated.