27 September 2010

Spanexican Invite

The Baker's birthday is coming up. My other sister, 'The mogul' told us about 'The Birthdee Bitch' day she plays out with her mate each year on their birthdays. The rules for the 'Birthdee Bitch' are as follows. Friend/Slave for the day must fulfill all requests of the 'Birthdee Bitch' all day. God help 'The mogul's' little mate. I'm very suspect 'The mogul' turns very bridezilla when it comes to her 'Birthdee Bitch' day. The 'Birthdee Bitch' can drag you around town doing all sorts of activities and you must participate in all activities displaying a sunny disposition all day. All bad behaviour from 'Birthdee Bitch' is tolerated all day. The Baker and I think it is quite hysterical and might start implementing this practice on our spesh day. So far the Baker hasn't displayed any 'Birthdee Bitch' signs, although she did request (or maybe that was a demand) a flamenco dancer holding tacos for her invite. Her birthday bash is going to be fabulous. She is throwing a Spanish/Mexican Fiesta. The invite I'm knocking up for her will be a mini bunting that you can hang on your fridge. The little flowers will be made out of crepe paper.

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