19 September 2010

The Baker does Macarons

My sister, the baker, has perfected the macaron over the last couple of months. It has turned into a mild obsession and I'm enjoying the benefits. My favourite macaron so far has been the salted caramel. Flavours on offer next month at the Olive Tree Market includes: cherry cheesecake, rhubarb and custard, chocolate and strawberry. I think? I've tried the ones at Laurent in Melbourne and the Lindt cafe and so far, the baker has outcooked those suckers. Can't wait to try the Laduree ones to compare.


designed to a T said...

Hoping to get to the markets in October to have a look. Keep me some to try!!!Terese

jeanette said...

Oh those macarons look OK.....obsession is only half of it

Madame Bonbon said...

Gossh, your whole family is so talented! Love your blog and beautiful Madeit store.