28 May 2008

Dolls Galore

Well, I've been sewing dollies for a market this weekend. I think they are super sweet and I've already had my niece crying over them and pleading with me - "but, but, I'll love them forever and I won't ask you for anything else until Christmas". Meanwhile in her room it is stacked to the rafters with teddies and numerous prototypes from me, of course the crying got to me and I struck a deal. She has to stand still and model one of the dollies and she gets the pick of the crop once the market is over. Here she is modelling Peggy with the lovely long nightie I made for her a couple of weeks ago. Peggy has a lovely flowery American craft material on front and back with a lino cut print I did on the front. She has rope arms and swishy filled legs. I will be putting these in my shop very soon.

23 May 2008

Chair-o-plane Night Swinging

Currently obsessed with chair-o-planes. There is something really magical and yet completely nutty about them. I can't remember the last time I rode one, but I would love to have a midnight swing on one. I've coloured this illustration a million different ways, but keep coming back to the night scene.

21 May 2008

p.s i love cakes

I did this illustration in homage to my dad, who makes all of our families birthday cakes. He has experimented through the years with different cakes, but his piece de resistance is his sponge cake made with fresh cream and, my favourite, passionfruit icing. The taste testing is always a tense moment as you're only as good as your last cake! He probably cooks at least 12-14 cakes a year, what a little trooper!

14 May 2008


This is a pattern, which is still in progress. I am a bit of a crammer when it comes to designing patterns so I try to pare back when possible, but sometimes I like a bit of a messy design. My sister once had these beautiful old curtains with French style gates and flowers. I had this in mind when scribbling and this is what came out. This design will no doubt change, but I like this so far. The house and gates were first designed for a collage, which I'm yet to complete.

12 May 2008

Market Surprises

My new corner bookmarks

Book corners in action.

Market wares

Market wristlets

Surprise, surprise I did very well at the markets and there was hardly anyone there. I nearly sold out of my new book corner bookmarks. Must list them tonight in my madeit shop. Thinking about starting up a market here in Newcastle with some other crafters. There just isn't a good market around here for handmade goodness, but I now know some other crafters here and just need to get together and launch something.

10 May 2008

To Market, To Market

This print was inspired by a wedding invitation I did for a friend and then got converted to a collage for my niece. The wedding invite was for a friend who got married on her partner's farm, way, way out of town. His farm is very isolated and it has very few trees. The trees that are on his farm are just big majestic sticks, no foliage whatsoever. I liked the idea of hearts growing on one of those sticks and then one blooming into this big love heart.

Well I'm off to peddle my wares at a Steiner school tomorrow, probably won't sell much. They don't seem to advertise very well and therefore not many people show (go figure). The consolation is it's such a lovely school to hang out in and they have the best stalls with tres excellente wares. I'll probably be listing like maniac to my shop on Monday. I made some ace bookmarks last night (god so modest) and was so impressed with them I went in today to my local bookshop (very unlike me to approach anyone, in person, peddling my wares) and offered them up for sale and the lovely lady said 'yes'. yippee!

05 May 2008

Eyechart Love

'I Love You'

'I Choose You'

I've always loved eyecharts and obsessively tested myself anytime one was offered up or on display somewhere. I love the graphic nature of them and I played with the idea of lovely messages being coded into them.

04 May 2008

Shadow Play

My hands hurt and in particular my thumb. This is what I worked on yesterday, I've cut out about six - ouch! All the circle inners were cut freehand, so some are a little wonky, which I kind of like. I was thinking they would look super sweet in a kid's bedroom window and the shadow would reflect around the room.

01 May 2008

Fabric Printing

Here is a print I'm still working on... In detail the giraffe's outline is the alphabet.
And the search continues..... I've been looking around Newcastle and Sydney for a fabric printer. Very frustrating. Looks like I'm just going to try and set up a bit of an operation from the garage. So photo emulsion here I come! If anyone has any tips feel free to dispense info on this blog. In the meantime I've been sewing and printing like a madwoman for a market at the Steiner School in Maitland next week.